Tillotson t4 Concept

Fanatic Kart presents the Tillotson T4 Series. Racing with mono brand 4 stroke karts designed for ambitious rental kart drivers and experianced racers as well.

  • Race Kart Chassis

  • Sealed stock engines, extremly user friendly

  • 15 HP on 69kg

  • Single and Endurance Races

  • Mini, Junior and Senior Categories

  • top racing on lower cost

  • worldwide identical specifications

Fanatic Kart & other verified teams provides operative lease models for T4 drivers. Just bring your helmet, teams take care about maintainance, setup, transport and mechanical support on the track.


Endurance cup

  • up to 20 Teams with 5 drivers

  • up to 5 Race days and several trainingdays with instructors

  • Fanatic Kart and other T4 teams provide the completly race structure: karts, spare parts mechanics, hospitality

  • Teambranding for Kart and Driver

  • Unique raceformat with a combination of Sprint and Longdistance races

  • Mediapartners will provide results and live streams

  • Company teams can use the equipment for Teambuildings on special

Sprint cup

  • Official 4 Stroke Championship

  • Fanatic Kart & T4 Teams provides Karts on request through their Rent System

  • Complete Technical Support

  • Chassis and Engines are identical

  • up to 5 Race days and several trainingdays with instructors

  • Sponsoring for young talents

  • Live broadcasting

  • Winner gets a ticket for the Tillotson World Final / Nations Cup

T4 Rental Kart

We can offer you different formats to race with T4 Rental Karts

You can choose to ride alone or we organize you for your company or friends a day full with adrenalin

Racing on Karting Tracks

  • Great experiance for beginners and advanced racers at professional karttracks

  • Various raceformats, from endurance to individual races

Race on your track

  • We bring the race to you

  • You choose a track or even your own parking, and we prepare a track and you, your customers and friends will have a day full with fun and action


For the best lines and times, our racing team drivers will be your instructors


  • Depending on the size of your event, we can organize you the hospitality you like to have


T4 Racing is provided by:
Fanatic Kart Club
Imotska 1,
SRB 11000 Beograd
T4 Project Office Serbia & Croatia
West 65 Tower - Omladinskih Brigada 86
11070 Novi Beograd
Tel: +381 69 5000730
T4 Project Office Austria & Slovenia
Waltendorfer Haupstrasse 131a
8042 Graz
Tel: +43 664 933 52 196
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